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May 11, 2013

DRDO CEPTAM Exam Pattern,Papers and Books

DRDO CEPTAM Exam Pattern Papers and BooksExam prep materials for DRDO Entry Test called as CEPTAM test (as it is conducted by Centre for Personnel Talent Management, an unit of DRDO) on the net is very scarce and therefore this blog article is being written to help you prepare for the same. You can also go through  my previous blog post titled: CEPTAM DRDO Entry Test 2014 Notification, Eligibility & Forms to know more about the exam.

This article at first analyses the pattern of DRDO CEPTAM  Entry Test, points you to the sample papers for the exam and lists out the prep books available on the market for  DRDO CEPTAM  Entry Test.

Exam Pattern of DRDO CEPTAM Entry Test
DRDO entry test consists of 150 Objective type questions to be answered in 2 hours, irrespective of positions you are applying for. However, the test sections depends on for which positions you have applied.

DRDO CEPTAM Exam Pattern Senior Technical Assistants & Technician
The pattern of exam for DRDO Entry Test for Technical positions (Senior Technical Assistants STA-B &  Technician-A is as given in the table at right. As you can see, the subject test (i.e. the engineering discipline/trait) has been given twice weigtage (100 mark) compared to the Aptitude test (50 marks).

On the other hand the exam pattern for DRDO CEPTAM Entry Test for Admin Cadre positions is as given below:
DRDO CEPTAM Exam Pattern Admin Cadre

Sample Papers for DRDO CEPTAM Entry Test:
As said in the beginning of the article, prep materials available on the net for this exam is very scarce and I found that whatever sample papers are available on the net, they are mostly for the other recruitment exam by DRDO called SET, which is an exam conducted for recruiting Scientists in DRDO.

Therefore, just to know what questions are asked in the General Aptitude Test sections of DRDO CEPTAM Entry Test, go through the exam papers posted in this blog post of mine for Bank Clerk exam. The test sections are identical for General Awareness,General Intelligence, Reasoning Ability sections of DRDO CEPTAM test.

On the other hand, for the "Subject Test", you have to rely on books alone as given below.

Prep Books for DRDO CEPTAM Entry Test: 
In absence of reliable sample/previous years exam papers of DRDO CEPTAM Entry Test, you have to rely on books. What books are available on the market  for DRDO CEPTAM Entry Test? I searched on the net and found the following books. 

Prep Books for DRDO CEPTAM Entry TestThese books should be available in most of the good bookstores. But if you do not find the, just order them online by clicking the links below from which offers huge discounts apart from free shipping/postage if the order exceeds Rs. 500/=. You can choose to pay through Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking. You can also choose to pay through “Cash-on-Delivery” i.e. you pay in cash only when the same is delivered at your doorstep:

Prep Book For CEPTAM Entry Test General Aptitude Test sections (for all posts):
Guide To General Aptitude Test For NTPC, BHEL, SAIL And Other Public Sector Exams By GK Publishers
List Price: Rs.450, Offer Price: Rs.390, Discount: Rs. 60 (13%)

Branch-wise DRDO CEPTAM Entry Test Prep Books for Senior Technical Assistants:
DRDO (CEPTAM) Sr.Tech. Asst. Mechanical Engg.By Made Easy Publications
List Price: Rs.350, Offer Price: Rs.329, Discount: Rs. 21 (6%)
DRDO (CEPTAM) Sr.Tech. Asst. Computer Science By GK Publisher
List Price: Rs.295, Offer Price: Rs.221, Discount: Rs. 74 (25%)
DRDO (CEPTAM) Sr.Tech. Asst. Electrical Engineering By GK Publisher
List Price: Rs.350, Offer Price: Rs.280, Discount: Rs. 70 (20%)
DRDO (CEPTAM) Sr.Tech. Asst. Electronics & Communication Engg. By GK Publisher
List Price: Rs.350, Offer Price: Rs.280, Discount: Rs. 70 (20%)
DRDO (CEPTAM) Sr.Tech. Asst. Civil Engineering By GK Publisher
List Price: Rs.350, Offer Price: Rs.280, Discount: Rs. 70 (20%)
DRDO (CEPTAM) Assistant/ Store Assistant By GK Publisher
List Price: Rs.320, Offer Price: Rs.256, Discount: Rs. 64 (20%)

Hope with above prep materials you would be able to prepare for CEPTAM DRDO Entry Test. I have not been able to post much material now, as the resources available on the net is very scarce as told in the beginning of the article. But if I spot any other sample paper or book, I will definitely update this blog post. So keep visiting. Best wishes.!