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April 30, 2009

DRDO SET Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Papers & Books

DRDO has just brought DRDO SET-2009 exam notification for recruitment of 220 Scientist “B” positions.

The focus of this blog post is on telling you how to prepare for DRDO SET exam: by first telling you about the Pattern of DRDO SET exam and than giving you the Syllabus and whatever Online Sample papers & Preparatory books are available for preparation of DRDO SET exam.

DRDO SET exam pattern:
DRDO SET exam consists of two stages –Written test followed by Interview. Marks you score in DRDO SET Written test is not carried forward but is just used for screening candidates for Interview. Final selection is based on the performance in the interview only.

DRDO SET Written test is 3-hour long with two sections:
Section A: Subject Knowledge (from your discipline of Engineering)
Section B: Aptitude for Applied Research & Development.

DRDO SET test has total 150 Objective-type questions for 500 total marks. Type of DRDO SET questions along with marks per question is given below section-wise in following analysis:
As you can find from above, there is more mark (400) in your DRDO SET Subject paper (Section-A) compared to your DRDO SET Aptitude paper (Section-B), having only 100 marks. Also, marks per SET Subject questions is more (4 marks) compared to SET Aptitude questions (2 marks). So you can easily find on which section to give more stress – you should be really strong on your Engineering Subjects!

Also, beware! DRDO SET has negative marking. Minus 1 mark for each wrong Section-A answer, while Minus 1/2 mark for each wrong Section-B answer!

DRDO SET exam Syllabus:
A separate blog post titled: DRDO SET-2009 Exam Syllabus (CH, CS, EC,EE,ME) has been made giving you the SET syllabus of all 5 engineering subjects. Kindly go through the same.

DRDO SET exam sample papers:
I had tried to explore the net for free Online DRDO SET exam sample papers and could not find any authentic sample papers. So in absence of any good papers, you have to rely on guide books available to prepare for the DRDO exam.

DRDO SET exam books:
Since the syllabus of DRDO SET exam is not so much different that of GATE exam and the emphasis is on same: to test your subject knowledge, I would advise you to go for GATE exam study materials for your Section-A (Subject paper), which has 400 marks compared to 100 marks in Section-A.

DRDO SET exam Interview Questions:
After you get selected in the SET written test, you would be called for Interview and your final selection would be based on the Interview alone.

So naturally, you would have to prepare for the same. If you are naïve and DRDO SET interview is the first one in your life, may be you should go through this exhaustive blog post titled: Interview for Jobs, which gives you 99 most asked questions along with an interesting youtube video on interview.

While appearing in DRDO interview, most naturally you would have to field questions on DRDO as an organisation – its mission, vision, organisation and what it produces. Please go through this Wiki page, which gives you exhaustive information on DRDO as well as this this About Us page of DRDO website.

I am sure above study materials on DRDO SET exam would help you crack the exam. I would be on the look out for more resources on net, specially for DRDO Sample papers and books and would post the same as and when I find it in this blog. So keep visiting it!

Best wishes!