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October 19, 2014
Branch-wise GATE 2015 PSU Jobs & Calendar of Dates for PSU Form Submission

Branch-wise GATE 2015 PSU Jobs & Calendar of Dates for PSU Form Submission

Branch-Matrix for GATE 2015 PSU Jobs
This blog post is made as a sequel to my previous article: GATE 2015 Jobs - Updated List of PSU recruiting through GATE 2015 and is intended for the lazy bones - yes, although all the information was provided in that blog post, I am making the life still easier for those of you who are aspiring for a cushy Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) jobs through GATE 2015. First question that comes to your mind while deciding such a job is : Which PSUs are offering jobs for my Branch? Once you know this, the next question which follows is: When to submit the Online Form for these PSUs jobs? This article is therefore dedicated to provide you two things: Branch-wise GATE 2015 PSU Jobs and the Calendar for submission of PSU Application Forms.

List of PSU offering job through GATE 2015:
Till the completion of GATE 2015 form submission on 14th October, 2014 - Eighteen PSUs have offered jobs. Name of these companies are given below:
1). ONGC: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
2). IOCL: Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
3). BPCL: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
4). HPCL: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
5). CIL: Coal India Ltd.
6). MDL: Mazagon Dock Ltd.
7). CEL: Central Electronics Ltd.
8). NHPC: National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd.
9). PGCIL: Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.
10). GSECL: Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd.
11). IRCON: Ircon International Ltd.
12). NTPC: National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.
13). BBNL: Bharat Broadband Network Ltd.
14). AAI: Airports Authority of India.
15). NBCC: National Buildings Construction Corporation.
16). PSPCL: Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd.
17). OPGC: Odisha Power Generation Corporation.
18). THDC: Tehri Hydro Development Corporation.
I have given the name of the companies above, as their acronym would be in sections below.

Point to note: Till date 18 PSUs have offered job. But many other public sector companies keeps offering jobs, even after GATE exam is held. So you must keep your eyes open. I also post such info on this blog. So keep visiting this blog.

Branch-Matrix for GATE 2015 PSU Jobs:
Branch-wise PSU Jobs based on GATE 2015
In my analysis of jobs being offered by the PSU through GATE 2015, I found that EE (Electrical Engineering) and ME (Mechanical Engineering) are the hot favourite of all the companies. Out of the 18 PSU which announced their GATE 2015 based recruitment plan, 16 PSU have offered job for EE branch & 13 for ME branch.

You can find Branch-Matrix for GATE 2015 PSU Jobs in the table at right. In this table, green patches means jobs. For example, if your are from Civil Engineering (CE), you can apply for NBCC job.

Point to Note here is:
You should read the specific notification of that particular PSU for the eligibility - for example, for AAI (Airports Authority of India), Electrical Engineering with specialization in Electronics can also apply. But you have to appear in "EC" paper only in GATE 2015.

I am giving below the Branch-wise GATE 2015 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for EE Branch (Electrical Engineering):
Total 16 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for ME Branch (Mechanical Engineering):
Total 13 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for EC Branch (Electronics and Communication Engineering):
Total 9 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for CE Branch (Civil Engineering):
Total 9 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for IN Branch (Instrumentation Engineering):
Total 8 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for CS Branch  (Computer Science and Engineering):
Total 4 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for CH Branch (Chemical Engineering):
Total 3 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for GG Branch (Geology and Geophysics):
Total 3 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for MN Branch (Mining Engineering):
Total 3 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for MT Branch (Metallurgy and Material Science):
Total 2 Jobs.

GATE 2015 PSU Jobs for XE (Engineering Sciences), PH (Physics), CY (Chemistry and Biochemistry) & MA (Mathematics) Branch:
Only 1 job: ONGC.

This list is going to be updated as and when any fresh notification is issued by other companies.

Calendar for PSU Form Submission for GATE 2015 Jobs:
Dates for PSU Form Submission for GATE 2015 Jobs

After knowing which companies are offering jobs for your branch, your most natural question is when would the form be made available by these PSUs? Well, you  can use the calendar of Form Submission dates in the table at right. These dates are arranged chronologically - from the earliest till the last. 

As you can see, the application form (all online) would be made available by the PSUs from 2nd week of December, 2014. For some PSUs, date of form availability has not been announced at the notification stage e.g. CEL, AAI, THDC. Therefore you should check their recruitment websites from December, 2014 onwards.

Share CareerQuipsI am also going to update this blog post when the date of form availability is announced. So do not take your chances! Keep visiting me for latest information.

Hope with the two tools (Branch-matrix and Calendar for GATE 2015 Jobs)  given above, you can plan your studies properly. Please share this post by clicking on the right-side share bar. There may be many who would find this info valauable and thank you for the same.
Best Wishes!
October 18, 2014
UGC-NET December 2014 Sample Papers & Prep Books

UGC-NET December 2014 Sample Papers & Prep Books

UGC-NET 2014 Prep Book & Sample PapersThis blog post is a continuation of my previous blog article titled: UGC NET 2014 Exam pattern/Format and is intended to provide you the prep materials for UGC-NET: the Sample/Previous years UGC NET papers and prep books by pointing you to those resources.

(Note: If you are a Science student (of subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Life Science, Earth Science), you need to appear in CSIR-UGC NET exam and not UGC NET exam. You can find the prep books for CSIR-UGC NET here.)

Download Previous years Papers in PDF for UGC-NET 2014 :
UGC-NET Sample Previous years Papers
You can download last 12 previous years exam papers of UGC-NET for free from this link of UGC NET website. These UGC-NET 2009-2014 previous years exam papers are in PDF format and since there are two exams each year, you can download UGC-NET exam papers of last twelevw exams.

One thing to note is that exam pattern has changed from 2012. therefore you should note the same while going through these exam papers.

Prep Books for UGC-NET:
I found following books on net for preparation for UGC NET Exam. List of these books have been prepared based on reader feedback. These books are available in most of the bookstores, but you can also order them online by clicking the links below, from which offers huge discounts upto 25%,apart from free home delivery if the order exceeds Rs. 500/=. You can choose to pay through Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking. You can also choose to pay through “Cash-on-Delivery” i.e. you pay in cash only when the same is delivered at your doorstep:

Prep book for UGC-NET Paper -I (General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude)
Prep book for UGC-NET Paper -ITruemans UGC NET Paper 1 by Sajit Kumar, M. Gagan.
Cover Price: Rs.350/=; Offer Price:Rs.312 ; Discount:Rs.38 (11%)

Prep book for UGC-NET: Economics (Paper II & III)
Books for UGC NET EconomicsUGC NET Economics Previous Years' Papers (Solved) (Paper I, II & III) by R. Gupta's, Publisher: RPH
Cover Price: Rs.260/=; Offer Price:Rs.221; Discount:Rs.39 (15%)
Trueman's UGC NET National Eligibility Test/SET State Eligibility Test Economics Publisher: Trueman
Cover Price: Rs.475/=; Offer Price:Rs.404; Discount:Rs.71 (15%)

Prep book for UGC-NET: Political Science
Cover Price:Rs.290; Offered Price: Rs. 247/- Discount: Rs. 43/-(14%).

Trueman's UGC NET Political science by K. A. Babu, Sajit Kumar Publisher: Danika/Trueman
Cover Price:Rs.550; Offered Price: Rs. 479/- Discount: Rs. 71/-(13%).

Prep book for UGC-NET: Psychology
Cover Price:Rs.160, Offer Price: Rs 139/- Discount: Rs. 21/-(13%).
Trueman's UGC NET National Eligibility Test/SET State Eligibility Test Psychology
Cover Price:Rs.475, Offer Price: Rs 413/- Discount: Rs. 62/-(13%).

Prep book for UGC-NET: Sociology
UGC NET SET Sociology Guide by R. Gupta's Publisher: RPH
Cover Price:Rs.430; Offered Price: Rs. 374/- Discount: Rs. 56/-(13%)
Trueman's UGC NET Samajshastra: Sociology (Hindi) Author: Himanshu Kumar Singh
Cover Price:Rs.475, Offer Price: Rs 413/- Discount: Rs. 62/-(13%)

Prep book for UGC-NET: History:
Cover Price:Rs.750; Offered Price: Rs. 653/- Discount: Rs. 97/-(13%)
Trueman's UGC NET History by Pramod Singh Publisher: Danika/Trueman
Price: Rs. 475; Offered Price: Rs. 400/- Discount: Rs. 75/-(15%)

Prep book for UGC-NET: Commerce
UGC NET Commerce: Previous Years Papers Solved (Paper – I, II & III) by R. Gupta's Publisher: RPH
List Price: Rs.260, Offer Price: Rs.230, Discount: Rs.30/= (12%)
Trueman's UGC NET /SET Commerce Author: Parveen Kataria, Anshu Kataria, Shivani
List Price: Rs.550.

Prep book for UGC-NET: Education
UGC-NET Education Guide (Paper 2 and 3) Author: RPH 
List Price: Rs.665, Offer Price: Rs.565, Discount: Rs.100/= (15%)
Trueman's UGC NET /SET Education by Sharma
List Price: Rs.475, Offer Price: Rs.413, Discount: Rs.62/= (13%)

Prep book for UGC-NET: Hindi
UGC NET/SET Hindi: Popular Master Guide by R. Gupta's; Publisher: RPH
List Price: Rs.495, Offer Price: Rs.421, Discount: Rs.74/= (14%)
Trueman's UGC NET (Hindi Literature) Publisher: Danika/ Trueman
List Price: Rs.475, Offer Price: Rs.413, Discount: Rs.62/= (13%)

Prep book for UGC-NET: Physical Education
UGC-NET Physical Education: Previous Years' Papers (Solved) by RPH
List Price: Rs.260

Prep book for UGC-NET: Home Science
Trueman's UGC NET Home Science
List Price: Rs.475, Offer Price: Rs.413, Discount: Rs.62/= (13%)

However I could not find the preparatory books for UGC-NET following subjects:
Philosophy, Anthropology, Social Work, Defence and Strategic Studies, Population Studies, Music, Maithili, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Arabic, Linguistics, Chinese, Dogri, Nepali, Manipuri, Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi, French, Spanish, Russian, Persian, Rajasthani, German, Japanese, Adult & Continuing Education, Arab Culture and Islamic Studies, Indian Culture, Labour Welfare/Personnel Management/Industrial Relations/ Labour and Social Welfare/Human Resource Management, Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies, Comparative Study of Religions, Performing Art - Dance/Drama/Theatre, Museology & Conservation, Archaeology, Criminology, Tribal and Regional Language/Literature, Folk Literature, Comparative Literature, Sanskrit traditional subjects, Visual Art, Social Medicine & Community Health, Forensic Science, Pali, Kashmiri, Konkani, Politics, Prakrit, Human Rights and Duties.

I would love if you post the names of good book for UGC-NET preparation on above subjects through Post a Comment link below.

I would keep on posting more information on UGC NET exams (online sample/model papers, study materials) in forthcoming issues. So keep visiting this blog!
UGC-NET December 2014 Notification, Form & Eligibility

UGC-NET December 2014 Notification, Form & Eligibility

CBSE Notification
UGC-NET December 2014 Notification has come out recently - this time published by CBSE instead of UGC. Yes, from this year onwards, the CBSE has been entrusted the job of conducting UGC NET, so the official website of NET is no more UGC, but CBSE UGC-NET. Submission of form for this research and lectureship exam is already under way since 15th October, 2014 and last date to submit form/online registration for UGC-NET December 2014 is 15th November, 2014. The day-long written test i.e. NET 2014 would be held on 28th December, 2014 (Sunday).
You can click here to download the UGC-NET December 2014 Notification-cum-Information Bulletin.

For those of you who are not familiar with UGC NET, you can find below a synopsis of what is UGC NET.

What is UGC NET:
UGC (University Grants Commission) conducts NET (National Eligibility Test) twice every year: in the months of June & December for determining the eligibility of Indian nationals for the award of Junior Research Fellowships (JRF) and eligibility for Lectureship in Indian universities and colleges.

In early eighties, it was increasingly felt by public and leading educationalists alike that quality of education system in India had deteriorated as a large number of people who had neither the competence nor the aptitude for teaching made an easy entry into the teaching profession. The cause for this was identified to be the absence of a Benchmark Qualifying test for entering into teaching profession.

Therefore, the Government on India, through a notification on 22nd July, 1988 entrusted the task of conducting the eligibility test for Lectureship to UGC. UGC was already conducting an examination for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) since 1984. As a result of this 1988 notification; UGC is conducting the National Eligibility Test (UGC-NET) for Lectureship as well as with CSIR (CSIR-UGC NET) for both Lectureships as well as for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) since 1989.

Effective from 14th June, 2006, if you want to join the teaching profession as a lecturer in any of the UGC sponsored universities/Institutes/colleges, it is a must for you to qualify in the NET exam except if you are a Ph.D. degree holder (for PG level and UG level teaching) or a M.Phil degree holder (for UG level teaching only).

In addition to presenting you what is UGC NET and how to apply for it through this post, you can find below following two articles which I am posting subsequently to find the prep materials for UGC-NET:

Exam pattern/Format of UGC NET 2014:
This is a very comprehensive post on UGC-NET exam pattern/format: Pattern of UGC NET has been revised with effect from 2014. This article gives you the description of Papers, tells you types of questions, breaks the each paper to the sections and gives you mark distribution of each UGC-NET papers sections. You can just have a quick look of this table (a part of the post) giving mark distribution and format of UGC-NET.
UGC-NET December 2013 Exam Pattern_Format

UGC-NET Sample Papers & Prep Books: Another source of study material for UGC-NET (besides the syllabus & sample papers above), this post gives you the list of books for UGC-NET exam, subject-wise – it also gives you price of the books and the links to order the books on-line.

Eligibility for UGC-NET December 2014:
Eligibility criteria for appearing in UGC NET (qualification & age criteria) are as follows:

1.0 Educational Qualification criteria:
You need to be a M.Sc. or Equivalent degree in in Humanities (including languages) and Social Sciences, Computer Science & Applications, Electronic Science etc. with minimum 55% marks for General & OBC candidates; 50% for SC/ST candidates, Physically and Visually Handicapped candidates. If you are a Ph.D. degree holder, having passed Master's degree prior to 19th September 1991, you are eligible for a relaxation of 5% in aggregate marks (i.e., from 55% to 50%) for appearing in NET.

If you are studying in the final year/semester of M.Sc. or Equivalent degree in above subjects or have appeared in the final exams already and waiting for results, you can appear in the NET conditionally under RA (Result Awaited) category.

2.3 Age limit: (as on 01-12-2014)
For Junior Research Fellowships (JRF) NET: Max. 28 years
(Upper age limit relaxed up to 5 years for SC/ST/OBC, Physically handicapped/Visually handicapped and female applicants).

For Lectureship LS (NET): No upper age limit.

Above eligibility means if you are 28 years or less on 01-12-2014, you can apply for both Lectureship as well as for JRF while if you are more than 28, you can apply only for Lectureship.

UGC NET December 2014 Online Form:
You can apply for the UGC NET exam only Online.
UGC NET December 2014 application fee is: GEN: Rs. 450/=, OBC: Rs. 225/=, all others: Rs.110/=.

How to apply online for  UGC NET is given very clearly in this page. You should also go through section "11. HOW TO APPLY" in page-10 of the notification.

If you have gone through the "How to apply " instructions given above, please Click here to find the UGC- NET December 2014 Online Form.
UGC NET December 2014 Online Form

I hope above information on Eligibility & Forms from UGC NET December 2014 Notification helps you to apply for the same. Kindly keep visiting this blog for more information on UGC-NET.
October 16, 2014
New India Assurance Admin Officer Recruitment Notification 2014; Dates, Form & Eligibility

New India Assurance Admin Officer Recruitment Notification 2014; Dates, Form & Eligibility

New India Assurance Admin Officer Recruitment Notification 2014
Recruitment Notification 2014 has come out for a huge vacancy of 509 Admin Officer in New India Assurance. These jobs are being offered for two categories: Admin Officer (Generalist), for which graduation in any discipline is the Eligibility and Admin Officer (Specialist), for which graduation in specific discipline (Finance, Legal & Engineering) is the required Eligibility. Submission of online form has commenced from 11th October and 3rd November, 2014 is the last date for online registration for this New India Assurance Admin Officer jobs.
Click here to download the New India Assurance Recruitment Notification 2014 for Admin Officers.

If you are interested to appear in New India Assurance Admin Officer Exam 2014, another blog article of mine titled: New India Assurance Admin Officer Exam 2014 Pattern, Sample papers and Books helps you to prepare for this exam by pointing you to the sources for the sample papers and books.

Before going further, let us know New India Assurance as an organisation.

What is New India Assurance?
New India Assurance was founded by Sir Dorab Tata on July 23rd, 1919 and was nationalised in 1973. It is ranked No. 1 non-Life Insurance Company in India and is also the largest non-Life insurer in entire Afro-Asia region excluding Japan.

With approximately 21000 employees, it has a country-wide network of 1068 offices, comprising of 28 Regional offices, 412 Divisional offices and 583 branches. It also has overseas presence in 24 countries with a network of 19 Branches, 12 Agencies, 2 Associate companies and 2 Subsidiary companies.

More about New India Assurance can be found from this About us page.

Number of vacancies in New India Assurance Recruitment 2014New India Assurance Admin Officer vacancies 2014:
As said, there are 349 Admin Officer (Generalist) and 160 Admin Officer (Specialist) posts. 
You can find the Discipline-wise break-up of the vacancy in the table at right.
Category-wise break-up of the vacancy is given below:
SC: 73; ST: 37; OBC: 138; UR: 261

Salary for the Admin Officer:
New India Assurance is offering the Admin Officers salary in the pay-scale of Rs. 17,240-840(14)-29,000-910(4)-32640 and other admissible allowance as applicable. With this pay-scale, monthly salary is approx. Rs. 36,000/- p.m. in Metros.

Eligibilities Required:
Age Eligibilities (as on 01.10.2014):
Min: 21 years, Max. 30 years.
(DOB not earlier than 2nd Oct-1984 and not later than 1st Oct-1993,  both dates inclusive).
Relaxations exists as per Govt. rule.

Educational qualification eligibilities for Admin Officer (Generalists):
Graduation in any discipline from a recognized University OR any equivalent qualification recognized as such by Central Government.

Educational qualification eligibilities for Admin Officer (Specialists):
Degree in the relevant discipline ( as given below) from a recognized University OR any equivalent qualification recognized as such by Central Government:

Relevant disciplines for Admin Officer (Specialists):
1.0 Finance: CA (ICAI) / Cost Accountant (ICWA)/ MBA FINANCE* / B.COM / M.COM
2.0 Engineering:  B.Tech /B.E (in Civil / Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics & Communication Engineering).
3.0 Automobile Engineering: B.E./B.Tech. in Automobile Engineering OR Graduate in Mechanical Engineering with Diploma (at least one year duration) in Automobile Engineering.
4.0 Legal: Graduate in Law.

New India Assurance Admin Officer Exam 2014 Application Form:
Application fee is Rs. 600/= (Rs. 150/= for SC/ST/PWD/FEMALE candidates).
To know How to apply please go through section "11. HOW TO APPLY" in Page-8-10 of the notification.
Please click here to find How to Apply Online for this recruitment. Also go through this FAQ page.
If you have gone through above carefully, please click here to find the form for Online registration for New India Assurance Admin Officer Exam 2014.
Online Form for New India Assurance Admin Officer Recruitment 2014

Call Letters for written exam:
The NIA Admin Officer Exam 2015 is scheduled to be held on 10th/11th of January, 2015. You have to download the Admit card/Call letter for the same from this NIA website.
Intimation for downloading call letter will also be sent through email/SMS.

Important dates:
Commencement of on-line registration of application: 11/10/2014
Closure of registration: 03/11/2014
Closure for editing application details:  03/11/2014
Last date for printing your application: 18/11/2014
Online Fee Payment: 11/10/2014 to 03/11/2014
Downloading of call letters for exam: From 10 days before the date of exam (say from 01.01.2015)
Date of New India Assurance Admin Officer Exam 2015: 10.01.2015/11.01.2015 (Tentative).

Hope this helps you to apply with ease for the Admin Officer jobs. My blog article: New India Assurance Admin Officer Exam 2014 Pattern, Sample papers and Books provides you the study materials for the written exam . Please visit that post!
Best Wishes!