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September 30, 2015

NTSE Cut-Off mark Category-wise: Highest, Lowest & Average

NTSE Cut off mark
How much mark to score in NTSE to get that scholarship? What is the highest & lowest NTSE mark scored among successful students? This blog post of mine is dedicated to provide you these interesting info – cut-off mark scored in NTSE category-wise: General, SC, ST & Disabled along with the statistics of highest & average marks.

The data for presenting you this info has been taken from the result of national level NTSE 2011 –this data is representative and therefore has been given just to make an idea about how much mark to score in forthcoming NTSE exams. You can click here to download the NTSE result based on which the mark analysis in this article has been made.

Percentage of success in NTSE:
NTSE Success rate
In NTSE 2011, Altogether 4265 students appeared and out of that 1063 was successful. Thus the success rate was 25% - one in every four students who had appeared got the NTSE scholarship. How many students in each category appeared and how many were successful? You can find the success rate in the table at right.

NTSE Category-wise Cut-Off marks:
Cut off percentage of marks
Cut off marks for each category is given below. While the table at left gives you the %age of total marks for each cut-off.
General Category Cut off: 149.
SC Category Cut off: 123.
ST Category Cut off: 116.
Disabled Category Cut off: 79.
From this you can have an idea that you need to score at least around 75% marks in General category to crack the NTSE. Similarly you can find the %age of marks to crack NTSE for other categories.

NTSE Topper Marks:
What are the marks scored by toppers in each category in NTSE? Table below gives you this info along with %age of total marks scored by them:
NTSE Toper Marks
Thus in General category, the topper got as much as 93% questions correct.

Highest Lowest  Average NTSE MAT SAT Marks
Highest, Lowest & Average NTSE MAT & SAT Marks:
What are the maximum marks scored in each category in each of the test sections (i.e. MAT & SAT) of NTSE? The blue background table at right gives you that. For example highest mark scored in MAT is 98 & SAT is 88 for General category. Similarly you can find the max marks for other categories - say in SC category, the marks are 93 & 68.

The green shaded table at middle gives you the minimum marks scored in each category in each of the test sections (i.e. MAT & SAT) of NTSE. Thus with as low as 35 marks in SAT in ST category someone qualified in NTSE.

The blue shaded table at bottom gives you the average marks scored in each category.

From the above table of marks you can find distinctly that SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) marks scored are less than MAT (Mental Ability Test) marks - thus SAT section is tougher than MAT section. So if you can do well in SAT, it will be very easy for you to crack the NTSE.

Hope above analysis of NTSE marks has given you a very good insight into the marks to be scored to be successful in NTSE. For your preparation for NTSE, I had posted following other blog articles which you may find useful: