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September 30, 2015

NTSE 2016 Prep Materials: Sample Papers & Prep Books

NTSE Exam Sample Papers
Written on the eve of NTSE 2016 (details of which you can find in my previous article titled: NTSE 2016 Exam Date Notification, Form & Eligibility), focus of this blog post is on providing you the Prep materials for NTSE 2016 - Sample Papers and Prep Books. 

Before going through this article, you should go through "NTSE Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern" to know about the format/pattern of the exam and the syllabus. As given in theat article NTSE is a two part exam:

Part-I: Mental Ability Test (MAT): Questions on analogies, classification, series, pattern perception, hidden figures, coding-decoding, block assembly, problem solving etc. is asked
Part-II: Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): Questions on Science, Maths & Social Sciences (Class-9 & Class-10) would be asked.

Previous years NTSE exam Papers/Sample Papers for NTSE 2016:
Look out for most authentic NTSE sample paper from NCERT just like this NTSE exam paper for Class-10. This NTSE sample paper gives you 3 questions on Mental Ability Test (MAT) and 15 questions on Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT):
6 Sample Questions in SAT (Language Test)
4 Sample Questions in SAT (Social Sciences)
5 Sample Questions in SAT (Sciences and Mathematics)
From these questions, you can find the question pattern/standard of NTSE exam.

NTSE Sample papers by TMH:
This is the online version of NTSE guide book by TMH. As is with other books by TMH, it is an excellent source for NTSE sample questions.

Online NTSE Sample papers from TCYOnline:
You have to take the tests online, after a free registration. The tests are timed and hence is a good way of measuring how fast and accurately you can answer those NTSE questions.

This is a very good solved sample paper on NTSE exam – giving you total 268 questions 9 MAT: 48 & SAT: 220 questions). You can still use the MAT portion, although SAT portion of this paper is no longer useful, as it was for Class-8.

However, as you can find above, Sample papers for NTSE given above can be used as only eye openers. You can buy the following recommended book for NTSE previous years papers, which has 3 Solved Papers & 10 Simulated Exam Papers:
NTSE (SAT + MAT) : Solved Papers 2010 - 2013 by GK Publications
Price: Rs.195.

Prep Books/Guide Books for NTSE exam:
Prep Books for NTSE examPrep books for NTSE Class-10 is now available on the market. You can order the book below from which offers huge discounts upto 40%. You can choose to pay through Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking. You can also choose to pay through “Cash-on-Delivery” i.e. you pay in cash only when the same is delivered at your doorstep:

Study Guide for NTSE (Class - 10);  Author/Publisher: Disha Publication
Cover Price: Rs.600, Offer Price: Rs.450, Discount: Rs. 150(25%)

Lakshya NTSE for Class 10 (Study Material + Mock Papers + Motivational Book + CD) by AIETS Experts
Cover Price: Rs.1250, Offer Price: Rs.899, Discount: Rs. 351 (28%)

Study Package for NTSE (Class 10); Publisher: McGraw Hill Education
Cover Price: Rs.595, Offer Price: Rs.474, Discount: Rs. 121 (20%)

Hope above study materials for NTSE exam – Online sample papers and books helps you in cracking this prestigious scholarship exam. This blog post has been made as a part of series of following blog post on NTSE exam, which helps you to prepare for the exam:
May be you would find the above blog post useful.

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