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November 28, 2010

National Insurance Exam Pattern, Sample Papers & Books

National Insurance Exam Sample Papers Books
While informing you about each recruitment exam, I also try to provide you information on how to prepare for those exams, by posting info on the prep materials – the Sample papers & books. In s similar vein, this blog post follows my earlier blog article titled: National Insurance Recruitment 2013 Notification, Eligibility & Forms. which tells you about the availability of 300 Administrative Officer vacancies in NICL (NIC (National Insurance Company Ltd.) and how to apply for the same.

The focus of this blog article is on providing you the sample papers & books for National Insurance Administrative Officer written exam. But before that, a small discussion on the Pattern National Insurance Exam.

National Insurance Exam Pattern:
The written exam of National Insurance would be held for two different categories of Admin Officers: Admin Officer (Generalist) & Admin Officer (Specialist). Admin Officer (Specialist) positions are for candidates with specialties in Automobile Engineering, Legal & Medical.

Pattern of National Insurance exam is same for both categories of Admin Officers except for the
National Insurance Exam Pattern
5th paper as you can find it from the table given at right.

The 5th paper for Admin Officer (Specialist) would consist of questions on your Professional Knowledge - Automobile Engineering, Legal & Medical as the case may be.

While the 5th paper for Admin Officer (Generalist) would consist of questions of General Aptitude pertaining to following topics:
a) Data Sufficiency
b) Analysis of Information/Analytical Ability
c) Data Interpretation.

National Insurance Exam Sample Papers:
The first four papers of this exam is very similar to Bank PO exams and hence you can use the sample papers for bank PO exams to prepare for these papers of National Insurance Admin Officer exam.

Sample Papers for National Insurance Computer Awareness Test:
UPSC Portal has a good collection of 100 sample questions for Computer General Knowledge For Bank Examination. You can view this sample paper here.
Way2Freshers has also a similar sample question paper on SBI Clerk computer knowledge. Click here to view the same.
Placement Papers have some 50 questions on Computer General Knowledge.

For the 5th paper on General Aptitude section for Admin Officer (Generalist), a handful of sample questions are given below, just to let you know what these tests are:
a) Data Sufficiency:

b) Analysis of Information/Analytical Ability:

c) Data Interpretation:
By 10 sample Data Interpretation questions

For the "Professional Knowledge Test" paper for Admin Officer (Specialist), please take help of your college days knowledge.

While the above sample papers can just act as eye openers, if you are serious about preparing for this National Insurance Exam, you have to rely on books mentioned below.

National Insurance exam books:
National Insurance exam books
I found following books on net for preparation for Insurance Administrative Officer Exam. They are available in most of the bookstores, but you can also order them online by clicking the links below, from which offers huge discounts upto 25%, apart from free shipping/postage in India if the order exceeds Rs. 200/=. You can choose to pay through Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking. You can also choose to pay through “Cash-on-Delivery” i.e. you pay in cash only when the same is delivered at your doorstep:

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Also, following books on LIC Asst. Admin Officer Exam should come handy to prepare for National Insurance Admin Officer exam.

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National Insurance interview questions and preparation materials:
For those of you who qualify the written exam of National Insurance exam, you would have to appear the LIC interview. This section tells you how to prepare for National Insurance Admin Officer interview.

This blog has some excellent material to help you prepare for the National Insurance Interview with a list of Interview questions. Click here to visit this article, which tells you what are the requirements an interviewer looks for in you. It also gives you an interesting YouTube video telling you how you can also analyze an interviewer and hence be prepared for it. And than it gives you a list of 99 interview questions, which are most repeated in every other interview! These questions helps you prepare yourself.

Hope above information on prep materials for National Insurance written exam as well as materials for National Insurance interview would help you in cracking the National Insurance exam. I would be on look out for more resources on the net for National Insurance exam and would post the same, as soon as I come across them. Therefore keep visiting this blog and post your exam experience as comments to help future National Insurance Admin Officer aspirants.

Best wishes!