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February 21, 2010

WIPRO Campus Interview Questions, Exam Pattern & Prep Books

WIPRO Campus Interview Questions Exam Pattern
IT major WIPRO is going for massive campus recruitment in 2010/11 and plans to hire 7500 freshers. Not only WIPRO, but also other IT companies are going for huge campus recruitment in the coming days. If the story of Economic Times dtd. 15th Feb 2010 is to be believed, the headcount in IT industry is expected to go up by more than 98,000. Quoting Economic Times:

Of the 12 companies which have announced their hiring plans, BPO giant Genpact said it would hire 10,000 people. Besides, IBM is looking at recruiting 5,000 followed by Infosys BPO (2,000), Accenture (8,000) and Mphasis (2,000).

Going by Gartner estimates, the domestic IT market is expected to grow by 19-20 per cent in 2010, a sharp rise against a 2.6 per cent growth in 2009.

This blog post is therefore being made to help the freshers know what is the selection process in a WIPRO campus interview – the exam pattern and would point you to the sources where you can find the WIPRO Interview questions so that you can base your preparations for it. You can also read my previous blog article: WIPRO Freshers Recruitment 2010:engineering/non-engineering which tells you what are the eligibilities for a WIPRO fresher and how to apply for it.

WIPRO Campus Interview selection process:
The selection process in a campus interview session normally kicks off with a 20 minute PPT (Pre-Placement Talk) presentation by WIPRO HR guys in which you are told about the company, what it looks for you and what you can expect after joining it. You should pay proper attention to these presentations, as you can answer many HR interview questions from the information gathered from this PPT presentation.

How does a PPT presentation looks like? You can experience it from the you-tube video below (WIPRO BPO PPT on 25th aug, 2007 at Guwahati univeristy, Assam):

Thereafter, the WIPRO Campus Interview selection commences in following 3 stages:
1.0 Written Aptitude Test.
2.0 Technical Interview.
3.0 HR Interview.
What is the cut-off in WIPRO selection process? This is the most asked question by freshers vying for a WIPRO job. Well let me tell you that no one can tell you what is the cut-off at various stages, as the cut-off depends upon the relative performance of fellow-freshers, with whom you are competing for the WIPRO job. Till the exam is completed and the marks are assessed, no one have any idea who would score how much.

So depending upon the relative performance of all freshers for that particular Campus Interview and also how many positions are open, the cut-off is decided on the spot by WIPRO HR guys on that day. Your task is therefore very well defined – try to score as much as possible in all the three stages.

Let us go into detail of the three stages of WIPRO campus recruitment process.

WIPRO Campus Interview Written Aptitude Test questions:
There are 50 questions in 3 sections of the WIPRO written test –Verbal, Quantitative and Technical aptitude, with distribution of questions as below:
1. Verbal Aptitude- 15 questions.
2. Quantitative Aptitude – 15 questions.
3. Technical Aptitude -20 questions.
In some cases, number of questions may also be Verbal=20, Quantitative=20 and Technical=10.

What sorts of questions are asked in these WIPRO written aptitude tests?
1. Verbal Aptitude Questions:
Fill in the blanks with correct words, analogies, deriving conclusion, logical sequence of sentences, identifying the wrong sentences, meaning of word, passages etc.

2. Quantitative Aptitude Questions:
Time and work, speed and distance, profit& loss, number series, seating arrangement, coding decoding, ages, blood relationship, probability, permutation and combination etc.

3. Technical Aptitude Questions:
C (factorial of a no., sum of 5 elements in an array, basic concepts of pointers, structure), C++, data base, Java, Unix commands.

For non-IT/CS freshers, you do not have to bother about database, java etc. and also the cut-offs in this section would be much less.

There is sectional cut-off for each of these three sections – so you have to do well in each section. There is however no negative marks.

Books for WIPRO Campus Interview written tests:
You can refer the following books for preparation of WIPRO written test:
1. For Verbal Aptitude:
Cover Price:Rs. 375

Barrons GRE by Samuel C. Brownstein, Mitchel Weiner and Sharon Weiner Green
Cover Price:Rs. 1450.

2. For Quantitative Aptitude:
Cover Price:Rs. 250

3. For Technical Aptitude:
Cover Price:Rs. 240, Offer Price:Rs. 228, Discount:Rs. 12 (5%).

WIPRO Technical Interview Questions:
As you clear the first hurdle of the WIPRO screening process i.e. the written test, you would be called for the technical interview. The questions in the technical interview mostly revolves round your academic project.
You can visit following two websites on WIPRO Technical Interview Questions:

WIPRO HR Interview Questions:
This is the final hurdle between you and the dream WIPRO job. But do not worry much about the WIPRO HR Interview. The questions asked are very general and if you maintain your cool and be confident, you can clear the HR interview very easily. As told before, you can answer many HR interview questions from the information gathered from this PPT presentation.

Following are some sample HR interview questions:
1) How was your technical interview.
2) Tell us about yourself
3) What do you know about WIPRO
4) Why should we hire you
4) What difference do you bring if we hire you.
5). What is the first thing that you are going to do after joining our company.

You can visit following two websites on WIPRO HR Interview Questions:

Hope with above WIPRO Campus Interview Exam Pattern, Interview questions and prep books you would be able to crack the placement event very easily. I would be on the look out for more information on WIPRO placement event and post the same here. So keep checking this blog.

Best wishes!