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July 30, 2008

Online Papers and study material for ICICI PO Exam

In my last blog post I had given you the information regarding the announcement of the Probationary Officer (PO) Exam by ICICI along with what is the eligibility and how to apply for the same. The post also contained material on what is the selection process of the exam.

In this post, I would tell you about how to prepare for the exam, along with question pattern of ICICI exam, where to find online samples papers for the ICICI Bank Probationary Officers (PO) exam. Also I would tell you where to find preparation materials for ICICI interview and ICICI Case Study Group Discussion Topics.

At first, let us know the exam pattern of ICICI PO Exam:
The selection process is 3-tiered:
1.0 Aptitude Test.
2.0 Group Discussion (also called as Group Task)..
3.0 Interview.
After selection, for the successful students, ICICI also conducts Psychometric Profiling.

Question pattern for Aptitude Test (Written) of ICICI PO exam:
Aptitude Test of ICICI consists of following pattern:
Section 1: Verbal Reasoning (30 Questions in 10 Mins) Analogy, Comprehension
Section 2: Numerical Reasoning (20 Questions in 30 Mins)
Section 3: Figurative Questions (20 Questions in10 Mins)
Section 4: Logical Reasoning (25 Questions in 20 Mins)
Data Interpretation in 10 Questions
Data sufficiency in 15 Questions.

This pattern may vary with the actual question sets you may find and is given just to give you an idea.

Where to find online sample test papers for Aptitude Test (Written) of ICICI Probationary Officer (PO) Exam:
At first, download this online sample question paper for ICICI PO exam from ICICI website, which gives you a very good idea about what kind of questions comes. This sample paper gives you following number questions mentioned against each section:
Reading comprehension:2
Sentence completion:4
Numerical: Sufficiency:3
Numerical: arithmetic:3
Numerical: Data Interpretation:3
Logical: Diagrammatic: 3
Logical: Venn diagrams:4
Logical: working with data:2

After going through this same, you can find more online sample questions from following website:

You can search for more questions in the website links given in this blogs Written Test Links.

Group Discussion (GD) topics for ICICI PO Exam:
GD topics of ICICI generally is of Case Study types. You can see what is a Case Study type GD topic in this blog. If you are a novice and would like to know what is a GD, please go through GD section of this blog.

Interview Questions for ICICI PO Exam:
Kindly go through this blogs Interview section, which has many questions that should help you prepare for the Interview.

Psychometric Profiling Test for ICICI:
No special preparation is needed for the Psychometric Test as it is conducted after selecting. However you need to know what is it and how to appear in the test. An exhaustive note on Psychometric Test is given in this blogs Psychometric section, along with sample questions. Kindly go through it.

That's it! With above info, hope you would be able to do well in the ICICI Bank PO Exam. I would keep posting more info about the exam in future, so keep visiting this site!