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September 28, 2012

JEE (Main) 2013 Exam pattern, Syllabus, Sample Papers & Books

JEE Main Exam pattern Syllabus Papers BooksJEE (Main) 2013 Notification is out and it is the time to start your preparation, if you have not done that already. This blog article is being written to help you prepare for the new JEE (Joint Entrance Exam), which is going to be launched for the first time from 2013. It discusses about the pattern/format/scheme of JEE (Main) 2013, points you to where from you can download the JEE (Main) 2013 Syllabus & Sample Papers as well as lists the prep books that you can use for JEE (Main) 2013.

First let me tell you that JEE (Main) 2013 is nothing but the new name of AIEEE 2013 – so if this statement sounds to you as a news item, you should rather go through following two earlier blog post of mine:
JEE 2013: Change in Exam Pattern/Process: It tells you what is JEE 2013.
JEE 2013 Notification, Forms & Eligibility: It tells you when is JEE 2013, the eligibility required and how to apply for JEE (Main) 2013.

Without wasting time further, lets go ahead for the topic of this blog post.

JEE (Main) 2013 Exam pattern/format:
JEE (Main) 2013 exam pattern would be same as the AIEEE in previous years. CBSE has retained the same exam pattern so that the transition from AIEEE to the new JEE is smooth.

As given in the notification, JEE (Main) 2013 will have two papers (as previously in AIEEE) – Paper-I is for B.E./B.Tech entrance while Paper-II is for B.Arch/B.Planning entrance. It means if you are taking JEE (Main) for engineering, you have to appear in Paper-I. On the other hand if you are appearing JEE (Main) for architecture/planning, you have to appear in Paper-II.

JEE (Main) Paper-I Exam Pattern:
JEE (Main) Exam PatternIt will be of 3 hour-duration, containing Objective type questions from Physics, Chemistry & Maths. Although it is not given in the notification, each question previously used to be of 4 marks and there are 30 questions in each subject. Thus, there are 90 questions in total for 360 marks, which has to be answered in 3 hours.

With this, exam pattern of JEE (Main) Paper-I will be as given in the table at right above.

JEE (Main) Paper-II Exam Pattern:
JEE (Main) Paper-II is for architecture/planning – it will have following three parts:
Part-I: Maths (Objective type questions)
Part-II: Aptitude Test (Objective type questions)
Part-III: Drawing Test.
It will be also of 3 hour-duration.

Negative marking in JEE (Main) 2013:
There will be negative marking for the objective type questions  – 1/4th mark for each wrong answer (i.e. -1) ! So you need to make wise guess!

Download JEE (Main) 2013 Exam Syllabus:
Similar to the exam pattern, CBSE has retained the same exam syllabus for JEE (Main) 2013 as AIEEE in previous years. I just compared the syllabus of AIEEE 2012 with the syllabus of JEE (Main) 2013 - they are verbatim! Each word is matching.
You can click here to download JEE (Main) 2013 Exam Syllabus. It is from page 4 to 16 of the above notification. 

JEE (Main) 2013 Sample Papers (Free Download):
Now as both the syllabus and the exam pattern of JEE (Main) 2013 is same as AIEEE, you can use the previous year’s AIEEE exam papers as the sample papers for JEE (Main) 2013.

JEE Main 2013 Sample Papers Free DownloadWhile I started searching these sample papers for JEE (Main) 2013 for you, I came across a number of websites where the papers were promised. Many of them led me to links unknown, while some others actually gave those papers. But then, since I wanted to enable you to download these exam papers fast and free, I narrowed down my search to FIITJEE website.

Why I preferred the FIITJEE AIEEE pdf papers is because they are small in size (average 300 KB) enabling you to download fast - and yes, they are indeed free! After arriving at FIITJEE website, click the "+" sign next to "AIEEE solutions" of "Downloads" section as shown at right and you can than download these AIEEE Previous 9 Years Solved pdf papers.

I have also uploaded these exam papers in the website, so that if the FIITJEE site is down, you can still download these sample papers for JEE (Main) 2013. Click here to find the JEE (Main) 2013 Sample/Model papers.

Download Free AIEEE (B. Arch.) Previous 6 Years Solved pdf papers:

I also found it very difficult to find the free architectural exam papers of AIEEE, till I chanced upon this architectural entrance blog, which offers these AIEEE B. Arch. exam papers for free. You can download these papers from the links given above - they would take you to file-hosting size, where you would need to key-in the human verification code to download.

Besides the above downloadable Sample/Model papers for JEE (Main) 2013, you can also buy the book  "Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics: 35 Years IIT-JEE + 11 Years AIEEE" by Disha Publication as given below in Prep Book for JEE (Main) 2013.

Prep Book for JEE (Main) 2013:
JEE (Main) Prep BookSince JEE (Main) is being launched for the first time from 2013 onwards, hardly a few books titled JEE (Main) is available in the market at this moment. But since JEE (Main) is identical to AIEEE in all respects (i.e. syllabus and the exam pattern), therefore you can use the books for AIEEE as the prep book for JEE (Main) 2013. I have selected these books based on users recommendations.

These books are available in most of the bookstores, but you can also order them online by clicking the links below, from which offers huge discounts upto 43%, apart from free home delivery if the order exceeds Rs. 500/=. You can choose to pay through Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking. You can also choose to pay through “Cash-on-Delivery” i.e. you pay in cash only when the same is delivered at your doorstep:

Arihant JEE Main 2013 Joint Engineering Entrance Main: 15 Practice Sets by Experts Compilations;
List Price: Rs.250, Offer Price: Rs.200, Discount: Rs. 50 (20% Off)

Target AIEEE / JEE Mains: Past 11 Years AIEEE Papers + 10 Practice Tests (2002 - 12) by Disha Experts
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AIEEE Topic-wise Solved Papers: Must for JEE Mains (2002-12) by Disha Experts
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Subject-wise Prep Books:
Complete Physics For AIEEE 2012 by TMH
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Complete Mathematics For AIEEE 2012 by TMH
List Price: Rs.575, Offer Price: Rs.442, Discount: Rs. 133 (23%)
Complete Chemistry For AIEEE 2012 by TMH
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Prep Books for Previous years papers:
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics: 34 Years IIT-JEE + 11 Years AIEEE Topics-wise Solved Papers by Batra & Agarwal; Publisher: Disha
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Prep Book for taking Online JEE (Main) 2013:
Target Online AIEEE (With CD) by Disha Experts
List Price: Rs.300, Offer Price: Rs.180, Discount: Rs. 120 (40%)

Hope above prep materials for JEE (Main) 2013 exam: Syllabus, Sample Papers & Books, you can carck the exam easily. Since this is an emerging exam, I would look out for more authentic study materials for JEE (Main) 2013 and post the same here. So keep visiting this blog. Also, I would write a separate blog post on prep materials for JEE (Advanced) 2013 (for admissions to IITs): Syllabus, Sample Papers & Books. Please visit me again.