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April 06, 2012

Law (LLB) Entrance Exam Pattern, Papers, Books & Websites

Subject matter of this blog article is: Pattern of Law Entrance Exams & Prep materials (i.e. Sample papers & Books) for the same.  It is intended to help you prepare for the LL B entrance exams by first analyzing the pattern of the major national LL B entrance exams and than giving you the link to download exam papers and the prep books. Towards the end, it also gives you name of few websites that offers valuable info on these exams.

Yes, there are total 900 BCI recognized law college/universities (209 Govt. & 691 Private) in India. You can find this list here. How do you get a seat in the best law schools? For this,  you can find the name of 20 best Indian law college names, along with their number of seats & their entrance exams name in my previous blog post titled: Entrance Exam Names for 20 Best Law Colleges in India

Unified approach in Law Entrance Exam preparation:
While preparing for these LL B entrance exams, I would advise you to study test section-wise (i.e.  English, GK, Logical Reasoning, Legal Aptitude & Numerical Ability) - which would help you appear in more than one entrance exams with ease, with the same exam preparation. Why?
For last few days I have analysed the exam pattern of the law entrance exams for the best law colleges in India. It is with this exam analysis I want to show you that once if you prepare test section-wise for any one law entrance exam, you can appear in any other law exams without much preparation as the test-sections are identical which you can see from the following five most prestigious law exams in India:
Law Entrance Exams Pattern
Note: NLUOAT (National Law University Orissa Admission Test) is no more held - instead CLAT score would be used for National Law University, Orissa.

Without wasting time further, let us find the pattern of law entrance tests one by one. Please bear in mind that while preparing this article on exam pattern of these twelve LLB entrance exams, the data was taken from different websites and therefore, some error might exist. You are therefore advised to go and visit the official entrance exam websites, link to which is given along with the exam pattern of individual exams.

CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) Exam Pattern:
Common Law Admission Test PatternCLAT is conducted for admissions to fourteen very prestigious National Law Universities of India. It has five test sections. You can find the test section-wise question/mark distribution in the table at right The 200 question paper has to be answered in 2 hours. You can find following two exhaustive articles of mine on CLAT:
1.0 CLAT 2012 Notification, Eligibility & Forms
2.0 CLAT Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Papers & Books.
There is no negative marking in CLAT 2012. So attempt all questions.

CLAT-2012 Exam Date: 13th May 2012 (Sunday) from 03:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Click here for Official CLAT website.

IPU CET Exam Pattern:
IPU CET LLB Entrance Exam Pattern
IndraPrastha University (IPU) Common Entrance Test (CET) is conducted for admissions to Amity Law School, Delhi. There are four test-sections as shown for 150 questions, which has to be answered in  2-1/2 hr.

IPU CET 2012 LLB Exam date: 20th May, 2012 (Sunday) from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM

SET (Law) Exam Pattern:
Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) Law Exam Pattern
SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test) Law is conducted for admission to Symbiosis Law School.(SLS) - Pune & Noida. There are five test-sections as shown for 150 questions, which has to be answered in  2-1/2 hr.

SET (Law) 2012 Exam date: 5th May, 2012 (Saturday) from 9:30 AM to 12:00 Noon.

AILET Exam Pattern:
AILET NLU Delhi  Entrance Exam PatternAILET (All India Law Entrance Test) is the entrance exam for NLU Delhi. There are five test-sections as shown for 150 questions, which has to be answered in  1-1/2 hr (90 min).

AILET 2012 Exam date: 6th May, 2012 (Sunday)

DU LLB Entrance Test  Pattern:
DU LLB Entrance Exam Pattern
DU LLB Entrance Test  is the entrance exam for Campus Law Center, Faculty of Law, Delhi University. There are five test-sections as shown for 175 questions, which has to be answered in  2 hr.

DU LLB Entrance Test 2012 date: Not yet declared. Most possibly in Last Week of May, 2012.

BHU UET LLB Entrance Exam Pattern:
BHU UET LLB Entrance Exam PatternBHU UET (Undergraduate Entrance Test) for LLB is the entrance exam for Faculty of Law, (Banaras Hindu University). There are five test-sections as shown for 150 questions, which has to be answered in  2 hr.

BHU UET 2012 date: 28.05.2012 (Monday)

Army Institute of Law Entrance Test (LET) Pattern:
AIL Entrance Test PatternArmy Institute of Law (AIL) Entrance Test is the entrance exam for Army Institute of Law, Mohali. There are four test-sections as shown for 220 questions, which has to be answered in 110 minute.

Army Institute of Law Entrance Test 2012 date: Admission Notification is likely to be issued after 20th April 2012.

SLCU Entrance Test Pattern:
SLCU Entrance Test PatternSLCU (School of Law, Christ University) Entrance Test is the entrance exam for School of Law, Christ University. There are five test-sections as shown for 120 questions, which has to be answered in  2 hr.

SLCU Entrance Test 2012 date: 06.05.2012 (Sunday)

BVP NLC Entrance Test Pattern:
BVP NLC Entrance Exam PatternBVP NLC Entrance Test is the entrance exam for New Law College, Pune of Bharati Vidyapeeth University. There are four test-sections as shown for 100 questions, which has to be answered in  2 hr.

BVP NLC Entrance Test 2012 date: 17th June, 2012 (11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m) (Sunday).

ILSAT Test Pattern:
ICFAI Law School Admission Test PatternILSAT (ICFAI Law School Admission Test) is the entrance test for securing admission in ICFAI Law School, Dehradun.. There are five test-sections as shown for 150 questions, which has to be answered in  2 hr.

ILSAT Test 2012 date: Not available at this time.

AMU LLB Admission Test Pattern:
Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) LLB Admission Test is the entrance test for securing admission in Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University..  In this test, there are 100 marks consisting of 75 objective type questions (75% weightage) and 10 short answer type questions (25% weightage) with following test sections:
1. General English
2. Current Affairs/GK  (with emphasis on legal issues)
3. Reasoning and Aptitude
Duration of AMU LLB Admission Test is  2 hr.

AMU LLB Admission Test 2012 date: 05.05.2012 (Saturday) 03.00 pm.

LSAT Test Pattern:
LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a standardized test of reading and verbal reasoning skills designed by the USA–based Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for use by law schools in India.

There are four Multiple Choice Question test sections in LSAT:
Logical Reasoning-I: 24 to 26 questions
Logical Reasoning-II: 24 to 26 questions
Analytical Reasoning: 22 to 24 questions.
Reading Comprehension: 26 to 28 question.
Thus with all four test sections combined, there are about 96 to 104 questions, which has to be answered in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

In addition to above four test sections, LSAT contains a fifth no-mark test section called "Writing Sample", in which you have to write an essay in 30 minutes. A copy of this essay is sent to law school to which you want to seek admission and is used as a tie-breaker between two applicants, if their marks are same.

LSAT 2012 test date: 05.05.2012 (Saturday) 02.30 pm..

Law Entrance Exam Analysis:
After going through the exam pattern/format analysis of above twelve law entrance tests, you would naturally would like to have some sample or previous years exam papers of these exams. But before going for the papers, you should go through the exam analysis of these exams to have an overall idea about what type of questions are asked and their difficulty level in each of the test sections of these law entrance tests.

Career Launcher provides you the exam analysis of following four law exams - as the test sections are almost identical for all the exams, if you go through their analysis, you can at once know what sort of questions are asked in the individual test sections:
Click here to download CET – IP University 2011 Analysis
Click here to download NLU Orissa 2011 Analysis
Click here to download SET(Law) 2011 Analysis
Click here to download NLU Delhi 2011 –Analysis

Law Entrance Exam Sample/Previous Years Papers:
I am giving below links to download some sample/previous years exam papers of law entrance tests. These papers should be used to find what are the standard of questions asked. Your actual preparation for  law entrance tests should be based on books, given in the next section of this article.

Click here to download the Solved Exam Paper of DU LL.B. ENTRANCE TEST 2010
This booklet contains the full exam paper (with 175 questions) of DU LL.B. ENTRANCE TEST 2010, held on 30.05.2010.

Click here to download Fully Solved Papers of CLAT 2009, CLAT 2008, NLSU 1988-2007, NALSAR 1998-1007, NUJS 2000-2007 etc.

This booklet by is a treasure trove for law-school aspirants as it contain the solved exam papers of all major Indian law entrance exams.


Prep Books for Law Entrance Exam:
Prep Books for Law (LL B) Entrance ExamThere are no dearth of prep/guide book for Law Entrance Exams in the market - the question is not of availability but of choosing the right book. I am therefore shortlisting few books, based on the recommendation/feedback from users who found these books useful in their preparation for LLB Entrance exams. These books can be found in most of the good books stores. But however, if you do not find them, you can order them online from by clicking the links below. Flipkart offers huge discounts (up to 30%) apart from free home delivery if the order exceeds Rs. 200/= In addition, it also offers Cash-On-Delivery (i.e. pay only after it is delivered at your doorstep):

Prep Books for Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning:
Most of the examinees, since they are novice to the topics of law, are stumped in the test section of legal aptitude & reasoning. Therefore, following books held in high esteem by readers are recommended. You can buy any one of them.
Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning for the CLAT and LLB Examinations  by A P Bhardwaj; Publisher: Pearson
Cover Price: Rs. 299; Offer Price: Rs. 239; Discount: Rs. 60 (20%)
My Law Legal Aptitude Expert Publisher:Rainmaker
Cover Price: Rs. 124;

Guide Books covering all the topics:
Following books cover all the topics (Legal Awareness, GK, English, Mathematical Ability & Logical ability) of law entrance exams:

CLAT And LLB Entrance Examination: Study Package  by A. P Bhardwaj;  Publisher: TMH
Cover Price: Rs. 445; Offer Price: Rs. 312; Discount: Rs. 133 (30%)
The Ultimate Guide to the LLB Entrance Examination 2012  by M A Rashid, Nisa Fasil; Publisher: LexisNexis
Cover Price: Rs. 545; Offer Price: Rs. 436; Discount: Rs. 109 (20%)
My Law Law Entrance Guide Publisher:Rainmaker
Cover Price: Rs. 475;

Books for solved model/sample/previous years law entrance exams:
Following books can be used to find what is your area of strength and weakness, so that you can improve upon the same:

Model Test Papers For CLAT & LL.B  by A P Bhardwaj ;  Publisher: TMH
Cover Price: Rs. 320; Offer Price: Rs. 240; Discount: Rs. 80 (25%)
CLAT Solved Papers Including Previous Papers of NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad, NLU Jodhpur, NUJS Kolkata, GNLU, Gandhinagar, HNLU Raipur, National Law School, Delhi, SYMBIOSIS  by Universal Law Publishers
Cover Price: Rs. 295; Offer Price: Rs. 240; Discount: Rs. 55 (19%)

Law Entrance Exam Prep Websites:
I found there are a few websites, which you can use in your preparation for law entrance exams (LLB/LLM). These websites are given below:

That's all for now - hope with above analysis of law entrance exam patterns and also sample papers/prep books for the same I have been able to make your life easier in preparing for LLB entrance exams. I am going to find if any more prep materials are available for the LL B exams and post the same here. So please keep visiting. Best wishes!