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April 28, 2011

ICMR JRF Exam pattern, Sample papers & Books

ICMR JRF Exam pattern Sample papers BooksFew days back I had posted a blog article titled: ICMR JRF Exam 2011 Notification, Eligibility & Forms which tells you how to apply for this prestigious exam. In that blog article, I had also told you that I would help you to prepare for this exam by posting study materials for this exam - the sample papers and books along with an analysis of exam patter.

Subject matter of this blog article gives you exactly that - although let me tell you that prep materials for ICMR exam is very scarce on the net - almost non-existent. I would therefore substantiate the same by pointing you to other JRF exams like UGC NET/JRF.

First lets begin that by knowing what is the pattern of ICMR JRF exam.

ICMR JRF Exam pattern:
As you might have found out already, ICMR JRF selection process consists of a national written test to be conducted in eight centres viz. Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai,Hyderabad, Varanasi and Guwahati.The test consists of a 125 mark paper to be answered in 2 hours.

There are two streams of ICMR JRF exam: Life sciences & Social Sciences for which you appear in the exam. You have to choose only one out of these two while applying in Item: "2. TREAM CODE" in the application form. There would be 100 questions (each weighing 1 mark) in this stream paper, out of which you would need to attempt 75 questions.

In addition to above stream paper - there would be a common paper (irrespective of whether you opted for Life science or Social Science) on Aptitude, containing 50 questions (each weighing 1 mark) .

Thus in ICMR JRF exam you have to appear in two sections: Aptitude & Life science or Aptitude & Social Science

Break-up of marks section-wise is given below:ICMR Exam PatternBeware! there is negative mark: 0.25 for each wrong answer!

What is the Qualifying/Cut-off mark for ICMR JRF Exam?
So this question must be bugging you - well, it depends on the relative performance of all the candidates in the written test - you have to be among top 120 in Life sciences & among top 30 in Social Sciences as there are only as many seats.

However, ICMR has prescribed following qualifying mark ICMR Exam Qualifying marks(55% for GEN/OBC) & (50% for others). With this, you have to score minimum marks in ICMR JRF exam as given at right.

Sample papers/Books for ICMR JRF Exam

ICMR has given a very good set of JRF sample paper for you to understand the type/standard of question that you can expect in the written exam.
Click here to download this ICMR JRF Exam ample paper.
This model paper contains 10 sample questions in Aptitude section & 20 sample questions each in Life Sciences & Social Sciences section.

BioTecnika has a good collection of ICMR JRF exam 2010 questions, all of them contributed by examinees who had actually appeared in this exam. Go through all the 7 pages of this article, link for which you would find in the bottom.

Other than above, I would like to point you to the sample papers for similar JRF exam conducted by UGC called UGC NET/JRF. Why? because syllabus of ICMR JRF exam is the same as UGC NET/JRF exam.

As I had told you before prep materials - sample/model papers for ICMR JRF exam is very scare - I had tried to collect them from various websites. I would look out for more such sample papers and books for ICMR JRF Exam and post them here as and when I find them. So keep visiting this blog!!