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January 25, 2015

Prep Materials for BARC OCES DGFS 2015 Exam: Syllabus, Sample Papers & Books

Study materials for BARC OCES DGFS 2015 ExamBhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) has recently announced OCES DGFS 2015 Exam which is going to be held online from 12th to 20th March, 2015. While posting a previous blog article titled: BARC OCES DGFS 2015 Exam: What is it and How to Apply, I had also wanted to post prep materials for the Written test of BARC OCES DGFS exam to help you prepare for the same. However, while locating the sample papers and books on the net, although I had invested considerable time, I could not find that much of noteworthy materials. Therefore, along with a short discussion on the exam pattern/selection process of BARC OCES written test, I would advise you to base your preparation for this recruitment exam on GATE & NET exam.

Selection process of BARC OCES DGFS exam:
Selection process for BARC OCES DGFS program is based on the performance in interview only. But to be selected for the BARC Interview, you have to clear the shortlisting based on two alternative modes: i) The written test i.e. OCES DGFS 2015 Exam or ii) GATE 2015 score.

While applying for the BARC OCES DGFS program, you have to chose which option you would like to take - the written test or the GATE score. You can also opt for selection through both the GATE score and OCES DGFS 2015 Exam score. In fact, BARC advises you to do so to maximize your chance of being selected for the Interview.

BARC OCES DGFS Exam 2015 Pattern:
The online exam is held for eight Engineering disciplines (Chemical, Civil, Computers, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Metallurgy) and five Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biosciences, Geology and Geophysics). There is no separate exam for Radiological Safety Engineering (RSE), which is considered as an additional Training Scheme option for applicants in Physics and Chemistry disciplines. The online exam is held in thirty five cities spread across India.

The OCES DGFS 2015 Exam consists of 100 questions and each question is worth 3 marks - therefore there are 300 marks in total. The duration is 2 hours. Thus you have 72 seconds to answer each question. But beware! there is negative marking in BARC OCES DGFS Exam: minus one for each wrong answer.

Syllabus for BARC OCES DGFS Exam 2015:
BARC has not specified any specific syllabus for this exam. As I quote the notification:
"The syllabus for the Online Exam is specific to the Engineering discipline which a candidate has selected. The questions are intended to assess the basic understanding of subjects in the area of the Engineering discipline selected by the candidate. Emphasis would be on the knowledge and problem solving ability rather than on the memory of the candidate."
But you must be relieved to know that only the subject specific questions are asked in the online exam - there is no test sections to check your mental aptitude like :General English, General Knowledge, Test of Reasoning etc.

So how do you prepare for this exam? My advise would be to make your preparation based on following two national level exams:

For the Science disciplines: Use the Syllabus and test prep materials for the CSIR-UGC NET subject, specific to your discipline. To find this, please go through my article: CSIR NET 2014 Syllabus, Sample papers & Books: Prep Materials.

For the Engineering disciplines: Use the Syllabus and test prep materials for the GATE subject, specific to your discipline.To find this, please go through the links as given in the section on Sample papers and Prep Books given below.

Sample papers & Prep Books BARC OCES DGFS Exam:
BARC OCES DGFS Exam 2015 Mock Test PaperAs I had told you previously, there is hardly any material worth the name for BARC OCES DGFS exam in the net. However, you can have the most authentic OCES DGFS exam paper and that too on online mode through the official BARC site in the link "Online Test Demo". This is the closest you can get for knowing the actual test environment as well as to gauge the standard of questions.

But however, to prepare seriously for the exam, you can use the GATE & NET subject prep materials as given in the following links:

For the Science disciplines: Find the sample papers and books that you can use in  my article: CSIR NET 2014 Syllabus, Sample papers & Books: Prep Materials, specific to your discipline.

For the Engineering disciplines: Find the following sample papers and Prep Books of GATE, corresponding to your subject:
GATE CE Syllabus, Sample Papers & Books
GATE CS study material: Syllabus, Exam Papers & Books
GATE EC Prep material Syllabus, Sample Papers & Books
GATE EE Syllabus, Sample Papers & Books
GATE IN Prep material: Syllabus, Sample Papers & Books
GATE ME Prep material: Syllabus, Exam Papers & Books

Hope above prep materials for BARC OCES DGFS Exam helps you in your preparation. I would also be on the lookout for more Sample Papers & Books on BARC OCES DGFS Exam and post the same here as and when I find them. Therefore please keep visiting this blog!