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December 24, 2010

Cognizant (CTS) Freshers Test pattern, Sample papers & Books

Cognizant (CTS) freshers Exam Pattern Sample Papers Books
Are you searching for some sample papers & books for Cognizant (CTS) Freshers exam? Than you are in the right place. Focus of this blog post is on helping you to prepare for Cognizant Freshers exam by first telling you what is the test pattern and than pointing you to the sources of sample papers and books for CTS Freshers test. As this study material is for CTS Freshers, it can be used for CTS Off-campus Interview as well as CTS On-campus Interview.

This blog post of mine follows a previous blog article "Cognizant fresher recruitment 2010-2011: Notification/Eligibility/Forms" which tells you what are the eligibility requirements for CTS freshers and how to apply for it.

This Cognizant job opportunity for freshers is in the form of a "Combined Campus Recruitment", in which you would be asked to take the selection test in the cities given below:
For IT: Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata.
For IT IS: Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Bangalore.
For BPO: Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai.

CTS Campus Interview selection process:
The selection process in a campus interview session normally kicks off with a 20 minute PPT (Pre-Placement Talk) presentation by Cognizant HR guys in which you are told about the company, what it looks for you and what you can expect after joining it. You should pay proper attention to these presentations, as you can answer many HR interview questions from the information gathered from this PPT presentation.

How does a PPT presentation looks like? You can experience it from the you-tube video below (WIPRO BPO PPT on 25th aug, 2007 at Guwahati univeristy, Assam):

Thereafter, the Cognizant Campus Interview selection commences in following three stages:
1.0 Written Aptitude Test.
2.0 Technical Interview.
3.0 HR Interview.

What is the cut-off in CTS selection process? This is the most asked question by freshers vying for a CTS job. Well let me tell you that no one can tell you what is the cut-off at various stages, as the cut-off depends upon the relative performance of fellow-freshers, with whom you are competing for the Infosys job. Till the exam is completed and the marks are assessed, no one have any idea who would score how much.

So depending upon the relative performance of all freshers for that particular Campus Interview and also how many positions are open, the cut-off is decided on the spot by CTS HR guys. Your task is therefore very well defined – try to score as much as possible in all the stages.

Let us go into details of the CTS campus recruitment process.

CTS Campus Interview Written Aptitude Test questions:
There are 3 sections in the CTS Campus Interview for freshers:
1. Verbal Aptitude - 25 questions, 25 minutes.
2. Non-Verbal Aptitude – 20 questions, 20 minutes.
3. Analytical - 25 questions, 30 minutes.

What sorts of questions are asked in these CTS written aptitude tests?
1. Verbal Aptitude Questions:
Reading comprehension, Sentence Completion/correction, Arrange the jumbled sentences etc.

2. Non-Verbal Aptitude Questions:
figure sequence, odd figure out, Seating arrangement etc.

3.0 Analytical:
Venn diagram, data sufficiency, binary conversion, cubes, Blood relations, profit loss etc.

CTS Campus Interview Sample Papers:

You can visit following two websites on Infosys sample papers & HR Interview Questions:

Books for CTS Campus Interview written tests:
Books for Cognizant (CTS) Freshers Exam
You can refer the following books for preparation of CTS Freshers written test. These books are available in most of the bookstores, but you can also order them online by clicking the links below, from which offers huge discounts up to 25%, apart from free shipping/postage in India. You can choose to pay through Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking. You can also choose to pay through “Cash-on-Delivery” i.e. you pay in cash only when the same is delivered at your doorstep:

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Cognizant HR Interview Questions:
This is the final hurdle between you and the dream Cognizant job. But do not worry much about the Cognizant HR Interview. The questions asked are very general and if you maintain your cool and be confident, you can clear the HR interview very easily. As told before, you can answer many HR interview questions from the information gathered from the PPT presentation.

Following are some sample HR interview questions:
1) How was your technical interview.
2) Tell us about yourself
3) What do you know about Cognizant
4) Why should we hire you
4) What difference do you bring if we hire you.
5). What is the first thing that you are going to do after joining our company.

Hope with above CTS Campus Interview Exam Pattern, Interview questions and prep books you would be able to crack the placement event very easily. I would be on the look out for more information on CTS placement event and post the same here. So keep checking this blog.

Best wishes!